tcLines in a full-feature clone of well-known Color Lines game, which was originally written for DOS.

tcLines is written in pure Tcl/Tk and takes only 300 lines of code. It can work on any platform which has Tcl/Tk interpreter, as well as a tclet in Web-browser, if Tcl/Tk plugin is installed.


If you have Tcl/Tk plugin installed, you can try to play tcLines right here:


There is no pre-built packges of the game, all the game fits into one 300 lines file tcLines.

You can also get if from cvs:

	cvs -d login
	cvs -d co tclines 


tcLines can be convifured via X resources. tcLines specific resources are:

You can also change resources for standard widgets, used in tcLines. Widget tree is:

    c (Canvas)
    fr (Frame) -> score (Label)
    	      -> topscore (Label)
	      -> next (Canvas)
    main (Menu) -> game (Menu)   	// Only in stand-alone mode
    control (Frame) -> new (Button)	// Only in tclet mode
    		    -> back (Button)	
See corresponding Tk widgets man pages for configurable options.


tcLines was written by Ihar Viarheichyk
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.